Last Night… I painted the sun

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HarsH ReaLiTy

Last night I painted the sun… and colored her with my opinion. She welcomed my ambition and marveled at my tenacity.

“What brings you up into the heavens, with paintbrush in hand?” she asked while a grin ghosted across her face.

I did not reply, but instead I stared into her eyes and allowed her to see my soul. She nodded with understanding’s comfort and turned off her light. She felt the strokes of my brush, as care met the hardness of obligation. It mattered not the color I painted her… only that I cared.

I will never apologize for the color of my opinions.


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  1. I appreciate the reblog and share! 🙂

  2. justkane says:

    No problemo. While my blog has been live since 2009, it took me awhile to explore others. I appreciate having content to share.

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