Game of Thrones


I have never really been one for using my phone to play games.  Honestly, I mostly use it to find the cheapest gas nearby, to ensure that I’m going in the right direction and very rarely to pass the time in various places.  As a male, we are offered the unique opportunity to have breaks that often (but not always) go unfettered, as long as they don’t go for TOO long.  As I sit here on this fragile chair of solitude, I contemplate the greater meanings of life.

If I sit here too long, will my clothes soak up the smell?

I hate how people don’t wash their hands after using the restroom

How is it acceptable to read something in the bathroom that others may have touched before me?

What color is my favorite number?

Laughing at this moment will mean I don’t have to search for the cheapest gas, it’s free this time around

Taking questions #2(Hah!) and #3, I wonder about people who play games while pooping.  Do they wash their phone after they’re done or are they simply the kind of person who doesn’t wash their hands when they’re done? Should I be careful of using someone else’s phone in fear that the smudge on their phone may be something else? These are all very deep questions that made me realize why I don’t use my phone while using the bathroom.  I don’t wipe then use my phone, but to me it’s like sitting down with my dinner on the toilet as a means of preemptively preparing for the bowel cleansing that will inevitably occur.  Since bathroom time is one of the few places that my body can truly relax, I find it incredibly helpful to spend my time not thinking about what I was doing before or what I could do after, but merely appreciating why scented bathroom spray was invented.

I do not have OCD nor am I a germaphobe, I am simply respecting others and enjoying this game of thrones; silly contemplation in the most serious of craptastic moments.


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  1. Cynthia Dimand says:

    Ewwww… 😊

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