Random Thoughts: Round 3

Why do they call it a peanut, both the shell and nut look nothing like a pea.

Speaking of peas, why are they called Black Eyed Peas if they are actually a bean?

I thoroughly enjoy consuming marijuana products…I forgot where I was going with this!

FUCK! (See Why I Write for reference)

I once asked a person in the car next to me if they have any Grey Poupon…they did.  I feel bad for driving off with their mustard.

I’ve always wanted to ride a turtle, I just think it would be embarrassing to fall off when it is turning a corner.

People should really specify what kind of whale when saying they had a “whale of a time”.  Ex: I had a Sperm Whale of a time last night. Figure that one out!

When egging someone on, use real eggs.  Otherwise the saying makes no sense.

I watch a lot of television shows, but hardly ever watch television.




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