The Dream Catcher


I, Shawn Bob Lee, am a dream catcher.  At one time, it was considered acceptable…I was also 8.  I am now 30, and if I had the chance to talk to my younger self and offer a single piece of advice, I’d say dream bigger!  I have spent platitudes of time and effort into accomplishing my dreams, from traveling to my grandmothers village in China to working on a fighter jet not unlike the models I built as a child.

I have seen remote locations of the United States, as well as the more popular spots.  During my youth, my unquenchable thirst of self exploration through constant departures from my comfort zone was considered reckless and immature.  How could I be so naive to think that leaving parts of myself throughout the country would lead to anything more than a time I could have used doing something more traditional, such as school?  Oh wait, it did. As I passed the first quarter century of my life, I realized that what I received was far greater on both a personal and social level.  I had made friends all over the country and some parts of the world, I have a wealth of experience, a lifetime of memories and I now have a direction in my life, all as a result of dreaming.

What I’ve learned is this: I am living a dream and the only nightmare I have are the ones where I consider having done something different.  Not regrets, but the inevitable curiosity that fills the spaces between my dreams.  Not regrets, just the consideration for things in which I have no control. The experiment in which IS life continues to fascinate me, drive me to be better and realize that my impact is greater than I always believe.  This is why I am not a dreamer, but a dream catcher.  I dream in my reality and that creates a hope that can be caught.  I do not ever know for certain that I will catch it, but it will go through me and that I will always reach for it.  If I cannot, I’ll hold on because it is not the edge of failure that concerns me, it is not having given my all to pull myself up.



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