Why I Write

I write because:

I do not have to

If I continued to speak my mind, it would make less sense than what is going on in my head

The words, when written, are more eloquent. Sledge Hammer vs Scalpel

I’ve got nobody to tell

I need to vent

The shopping list is longer than 4 items

I’ve started answering my own questions, again

To expand my vocabulary

I sometimes like speak without cursing, because let’s face it…yelling “FUCK!” only gets you so far (albeit pretty far)

My life is layered and the only way to exhibit that is through layered writing.  It’s intriguing to read what I wrote, know how I felt at the time, and to feel something completely different.

I like to remember what it’s like to use my hand for something other than…practicing.

Inception actually happens, plant the seed of thought and watch it as it grows like a vine.  Speaking of which, Vine is the video format of a tweet.  6 seconds of nothing truly worthwhile.

Mostly, I feel that it’s a neglected art.  It is the marijuana of art forms, so many various uses and hardly anyone can ever agree on what tends to matter the most, the idea and not the product.

-Shwan Ree



One thought on “Why I Write

  1. Expressing ourselves fully and freely is as essential to our being as breathing. You’re funny…. Shwan Ree xxoo

    We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are. Anais Nin

    > >

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