Great examination of a fundamental idea that we often overlook


Willpower doesn’t mean forcing yourself to do something. Willpower is not the mark of a stone hearted individual. Willpower is knowing your limitations and finding the means to enjoy the activities that lead to a fulfilling life. Actively seeking knowledge to overcome obstacles allows us to do things that others think they’re incapable of because of lack of “willpower.” Exercise, learning, and the courage to be yourself are the marks of a strong individual, and most of that is finding ways to transition into achieving the goals you desire.

For me, enjoyment is a great way to perpetuate an activity in life. Many have told me that they don’t have the patience to train for an Ironman. I don’t believe there is something innately patient within me, I have merely done enough routine chores to derive pleasure from certain aspects of it. Running for hours on end is an arduous…

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