The So-Called Modern Man

What exactly is the “Modern Man?”

The modern man is a male who exhibits such qualities as sensitivity, depth, acceptance and any other quality that was once deemed a feminine quality.  I’m here to tell you, I hate it.

I was raised by my mother and while this does not fully explain why I’m incredibly emotional and more sensitive than a vapor burn, the vain and superficial “Modern Man” is invading my area of expertise.  I am no hipster, which I suppose at this point would make me a hipster since hipsters are now popular, I was always ironic and brooding.  I was raised to respect PEOPLE, to treat others as I wish to be treated (or in the least is acceptable by my standards), to never fear love, but mostly to be sensitive to the world around.  By all accounts, I am incredibly feminine by the classic tropes that have been attached to femininity. I love romantic films, I can talk for days, I have the nasty habit of being over zealous in my explanations of the simple, I love to cook, I pick up after myself, cuddling is not a word nor activity I shy away from, I appreciate the cheesy, I love flowers and will often create my own bouquets, and the most obvious…I am ruled by my emotions.  As a male, I’ve been ridiculed and teased endlessly for having these qualities.  For believing in love and being a hopeless romantic.  For caring and wanting to care.  For loving unconditionally.  For being…myself.

Enter the So-Called Modern Man.

As he walks into the room, I can only say…Fuck you! Now, mostly because I’m cynical, but also because for the most part, this femininity he wears is a guise.  I watched Nicholas Sparks movie so now I can relate to women.  I’m sorry,but being able to “sit through” a romantic movie is not a feat of stamina, and you sir are a sham.  What has instead happened is men attempting to exhibit what they believe women want, ultimately turning what I sincerely do into a watered down act.  They pee’d in my pool and don’t even offer to drain the damn thing. It’s just rude, and these are the same people whom firmly believe in a ‘bro code’, the unwritten and craptastic rules men have so that we don’t step on each others toes.  The irony is that more often than not, the code is not even followed. It’s more of a guideline, but typically recited as law when someone feels they’ve been wronged.  So Modern Man, in a vain attempt to be more sensitive, you have tainted the pool of men that are in fact great.  You have fogged up the glass women use to window shop for a proper suitor with your heavy breathing, bad breath from spouting bull shit from your…well…you get it, and in the process widened the divide that bring the idea of chivalry together.

So where does one go from here?

As one person said on another blog, humanism(You can find the amazing post here).  I am a person who believes in capability and rejects the idea of entitlement, and because of so I will never be the modern man.  I am not sensitive because it’s cool or fashionable, I am so because I AM sensitive.  One of the greater lessons I’ve learned in my life is that in order to understand something one must know both sides, otherwise it’s nonsense and ignorant.  I do not open doors for only women, I open doors for every person I can.  Drinks are bought for those whom I will converse with, not because you’re a pretty face, I already buy my own drinks because I’m damn sexy! But first, we must find the time to WANT to get to know someone.  In a world of twitter and insta-idiots, it’s become harder to prove that the depth I exhibit is in fact the real deal.  While the challenge is welcome, I do not speak in 160 characters or less, so what I do for one, I’ll do for all.  I do my best to be kind and caring, I listen because I want to know, I fight for what I believe in and am resilient because I have failed many times.  Most of all, I am sincere and upfront.  I am romantic and will speak poetically, sometimes unintentionally because it’s the only way I can describe a specific moment.  I am this way with everyone, but I do it in a way that every person knows they are individually special to me.  I do it because the qualities I exhibit are a core part of who I am, always have been.  I do not do because it’s fashionable or convenient, I do because I want to.  So, Modern Man, meet the True Man, because Modern will become the past but authenticity will always remain timeless.


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