A New Goal

It’s 3:25 am, I have yet to sleep and probably will be up for a bit longer.  I wanted to let you know, I’m thinking about you. Who is you? It is you. Only you. My thoughts, worries and concern lie with you.  It is the person sitting at their computer, staring at their phone, their iPad or whatever device you happen to be reading from.

My thoughts at this time of night lie wishing the moments most tend to rest.  I am thinking about everyone because it’s the time I get to rest from concerning with myself, it’s the time I get to think solely about everyone that has entered my life.  From the homeless person to my closest friends, I think about everyone.  My nights are not filled with silence and solitude, they are filled with those that I consider my friends and family, acquaintances and loved ones alike.  My thoughts are with you of whom I have yet been lucky enough to meet, talk to and more.  My midnight thoughts rest with you all.

I have been commended for what I have done, but I tell you now, I lay awake at night for what I have yet to do.  I lay awake because I want to be sure you all know how I feel.  I lay awake because while I have said quite a bit, I want you all to hear from me what could not be expressed through the written work.  For the greatness that writing can achieve, it does not quite convey emotion and place of thought that speaking to a person face to face can accomplish.  So I will be spending the next few days trying to reach those I can to give them what I gave years ago, a personal letter for each person.  It, admittedly took me 2 weeks to write the last letters, but I believe I may be able to do it a bit quicker this time around.  If you are curious, feel free to contact me before I get to you and I’ll certainly make time to write what I would have written. I look forward to explaining all of this, and as usual, none of these writing will convey my plan as appropriately as I could have in person.



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