Designed Destruction


There was a day
Of solitude and grace
No distinguishable error
Until the wind took me away

Filled with colors of joy
The light of life
Green as the other side
Until I turned my head a degree

Standing tall; never alone
Friend and foe, strangers at war
Blind eye in the past
Until I began to look ahead

Focal point of a ripple
Sound traveled loudly
Exerting eternal energy
Then suddenly, things changed

No movement or growth
Colors slid off the edge
Chasm created, end is near
Until the observer candle lit

Stuck in time, tar closing in
Can’t escape where I’ve been
Don’t want to deviate
Until I’m certain of new life

Where to go but all directions
Fate of the small world
That I hold in my hands
Until I know it’s just right

The world is darker
But remains less evil
Bodies are gone
Then I realized, I am no less happier



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