Arbor Dhey

In the living room looking through the window pane

I can see myself standing under the tree of life, shaded

The fruits of experience are still growing quickly

But I stand there still; jaded

This is the life I knew, the life I wanted

or at least so I thought

Many branches, many rings and few reasons to leave

I refuse to let go even though I desire to be forgot

My foot in the door, can’t decide if it’s open or closed

now that I’ve left transparency

This projection of self is fading away

Maybe, just maybe, the silhouette was never me

Standing outside was where I always belonged

the fever had began to become consumption

Wasting away what was never present

Looking back, I can now function

The uncovered porch, I now understand to be a patio

as there was no cover from the elements

Looking through, it’s a win though it pains

To a life I once knew. to a Life that wants new.


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