Dun Broke

I sat down for a meal at the table of academia, served by a brown Bear of unknown origin.

The table conversation was here and there, elevated by the greens of god, it was marvelous.

We were joined by a bush whacker, whose first name was a last

I was confused, mind walking on the moon, but dinner was served

The talk took an unexpected turn as I met Opposition, and kept hearing these certain words

I cannot, he said. He said, “I cannot…”

It’s too hard, not meant to be. He said, “I am not great.”

“I am not one of those in the basement” he said. My feelings started to grate.

He said, “I cannot take that next step.” You are drowning in a sea of voices

These swells of rejection are not your own. “But they are, you just can’t hear them” he said.

“What am I supposed to think?” He said. I cannot tell you, I am me.

I faced my own worst enemy, my Self, I just grew gills. He said, “Help me, I’m drowning.”

I don’t


words are you

Letters don’t make the person

Impertinent. Truth.

I reside. Yellow & Blue. Happy.

I wish. You. Me. Future. No.

Repression caused depression of self, a niche in my soul

B  e  k  o   n

R  a  D  w

I get it now, it’s clear.

I was always standing above ground, searching the well of words to explain this:

: D =P X) … U


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