Poetic Nonsense & Random Thoughts #3

Winds swirl, tugging and pulling on the emotions I dropped just outside. I’ve got none left because I entered through the side door, but who cares? Not I, yet I continue to find my shadow hiding from even me. It’s like jumping into a cold spa.

The smoke from the crowds rise above the heads of the masses of consumed with becoming what has already been achieved. Enlightenment, not to be confused with feeling lighter, is the dissolution of a burden chemically bonded. Unnatural and forced. Goodbye.

Told to be myself, focus on myself, do for myself. Next step? Punishment. Abandoned. Left to be adopted by a new family that loves the difference so much, they do not see it. The only role I’m expected to play is that of the stone variety. I have stood still for long enough, faded into the background, no longer feeling insecure about obscurity. Choices, choices. Decision.

What exactly does nothing mean when everything means something? “It’s just” is not just when “free to be” offers no freedom.

A ratchet is a tool that makes an annoying sound and breaks when using too much force. Who would desire to be something so temporary?

If sunbeams burn when walked on, then moonlight would burn as well. It would seem that our sources of light during the day and night is natures Icy Hot. Weird.

I’ve always disliked goodbyes.



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