Poetry, Thought Blurbs and a Message


I have always loved who you were

appreciate, care for and will preserve who you are

Excited, anxious and out of breath waiting, patiently

to be seen by the moon, the hope of hopes

Wrapped up warm and tight, snow falling down

touching the ground where my feet stand

Hand out, we may never find out

it wasn’t you or I, fear choking a potential Life

Held still by the gray monster of Doubt

if only, you were, you are — Beauty

Chances are not given, they are taken as possibilities slide by

grab hold of the dark, do not let it consume you.

Here I stand. Here I am.



When waiting, are we waiting to take a risk or waiting for someone to take a risk on us? Either way, what is the risk of doing nothing and why is that never considered as well?

Wishes are hopes we don’t believe will come true.

Gray should teach us that it’s not always black or white.

Why is it when we see what we’d like to become that we usually stand there and watch it walk away? Is it because it isn’t what we actually wish to become or are we afraid of the change that may occur afterwards?

There is a distrust of change but love change that is good. Where did this inherent distrust of change happen and how many times is it actually bad?

I would like to stop applying the idea of fight or flight to every aspect of life. It doesn’t take into account a lazy day.


I do not wish, but I hope a lot. I refuse to fear finding out what will happen, I’ve definitely found more good than bad with this approach. I realize that this is not for everyone, but doesn’t it make sense that if you’re curious about something, to do so with a person who isn’t afraid to find out with you? I don’t mean just support you, but a person who will keep a level head during the process of discovery. Life is a beautiful disaster, but the moment we close ourselves off from the infinite and grand possibilities, it devolves into a disaster. You are beautiful, so let’s destroy the box we’re expected to live in.




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