The Real Shawn Robert Lee: Part Last

This one I will change up and instead list things I believe:

  • We are all better than we believe ourselves to be
  • I remain hopeful because I have reasons to be, not because I see no other way to view the world.
  • I will do my best to be better than I am, constantly. I am however not perfect, I will make a mistake and I will not see, notice or hear from time to time.
  • I still believe in the Core Values of the Air Force – Integrity, Service before Self and Excellence in All We Do. Integrity is central to my decision making because it takes into account everything…everyone. I will give everything I can to everyone else based on the knowledge that I will always be okay, but in order to do so, my self-integrity must be strong. So I find answers to questions I have, I do not fear what they may be and I accept the consequences of my actions, may they be of my own doing or not.
  • Sides are for those that cannot see shades, percentages of a degree and while I do not discount sides, I do not and refuse to believe that all solutions lay in a single side.
  • There will always be detractors, opposition and nay-sayers to what I am trying to do, how I’m trying to act, why I’m choosing to live in the manner that I am. I may appear self-righteous, full of it, or that it’s impossible. Impossibility only holds the power it does because we allow it too. I may not be able to ever come close to what I hope to achieve, but I will at least try my best. It’s all I can give, if it’s not enough for those that don’t want to believe then it is not enough. I embrace you all none the less.
  • That we can achieve what we set our minds to, that it will most likely be incredibly difficult but the resolve in which we desire to apply to each scenario will depend on how much we truly wish to attain what we seek.
  • Lying and sugar coating with myself is no longer an acceptable way to live. Yes, I will continue be overly focused on certain aspects, but I will not divert my eyes because it is something I do not want to see. Be focused, but not blinded. Be open, but not unguarded. Be realistic, but not cynical. Trust, but do not expect sunshine and rainbows. Hope.
  • I will continue to be sad and angry, but never will it rule my life. It’s a blessing and a curse to be able to rationalize myself into solace.

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