Capital Punishment (My Crimes)

Eyes diverted, full of energy to fulfill the billboard that line the road of life

False wishes like the bottom of the drawer, unspoken truths widening the acceptable gaps of instinct

Finding valuable intel, spies have infiltrated the keep, residing between the walls as whispers and conjecture

Oblivious to signs of unrest, smoke filling the rooms, but no fire

Reaching for the stars but only grasping at straws, hanging on to dreams long since forgotten, hanging on two dreams I sense are forgotten

Trying to not try, things are only invisible when nobody is looking

There reside degrees of separation, percentages of nothing that became shades of gray.

Outside, the ghost of a memory haunts and stifles the attempts to side step the truth

Leery as a result of experience, there is not supposed to be any room, nothing ever to be created

Originally nothing that became something, emptiness was found

Venerating a nature that was always temporary, the paradox of existence was never to be questioned

Ever the cynic, ever the curious, this is for Ever.



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