Random Thoughts #3

One cannot claim a moral high ground, or superiority, when their reasoning disregards the fact they are making such claims while standing in a pile of bullshit. Pot and Kettle.

I’m convinced that I never know what to think. It explains why I think all the time.

Sometimes a shower is not just about hygiene, it’s about common courtesy. Yes, I’m talking to you people on BART.

Own your farts, especially if they stink. Some may be disgusted, but most will find it funny. Don’t you want to make someone laugh?

Candy is sugar wrapped in sugar. Sounds delicious.

Sometimes I wish I had longer toes, to help me pick stuff up on the ground better. Then I think about it rationally, and I realize that I’d probably stub my toes more if I did.

I don’t get grossed out very often, I actually find most things interesting enough to ignore the fact it should be gross. With that said, I still get grossed out by old people making out. I know what making out is, it’s not interesting to me anymore, so it’s just gross.

I want to see a Panda drunk. I will never get one drunk, but I can totally pictures a drunk Panda hanging out with a Sloth and Koala watching The Walking Dead.


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