Recipe for a Disastrous Relationship

Keep in mind that this recipe isn’t the only way to make a delicious disaster, and it does not include the frosting, but should not be made in front of a mirror – – self-reflection will only make you want to bake more.

A Recipe for a Disastrous Relationship:
1) 1 cup of I believe myself to be more important than you.
2) A pinch of kosher You ARE more important than I am.
3) A pound of Just because a person thinks all the time doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes. (In fact, most that do are prone to making more than the usual person because curiosity tends to lead to mistakes more than the ideal.)
4) 3 tablespoons of Confusion that understanding and agreement are the same.
5) 4 handfuls of Unwillingness to be beside ones self.
6) Bake in the oven of Awkwardness for long enough for the germs of doubt to make it bigger than when it started.
7) Set aside and try to forget because what’s the point of trying?
8) Discard and use this one moment of failure as an excuse to validate why you don’t trust easily.
9) Give up baking and live off of fabricated lies and nonsense that satiate your desire for instant gratification while also feeling hungry for more because fast food, am I right?

The amount of time in the heat will vary, as not all Relationship Cakes are the same, so use your worst judgement to know when it’s done. Like pirate rules, this is only a guideline and doesn’t need to be followed,
so feel free to deviate from the recipe as much as you’d like. Until next time Cake Fans!


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