An Interview: My Weakness

An interview question that I believe we should ask ourselves much more often: what is your greatest weakness?

For far too long, due to my rationalization, I’ve chosen weaknesses that were also strengths. I felt that they offered a glimpse into my understanding that when it comes to our Self, the work is never done. Today, however, I’ve come up with a different answer. My greatest weakness is how quickly my direction can shift, given on what I feel to be most important, or what’s needed to be explored further. I am never settled with the status quo, I find it difficult to accept finality, and continuously want to do better… Be better. The golden standard I set with others is a result of my own standard for operation.

Why is this a weakness? Because it means those I care about will be left out in the shuffle, will inevitably be left behind thinking they understand but are too fearful to find out. Ultimately, I isolate myself.

I have never felt that this was a weakness because I feel so empowered in my choices, emboldened through my failures and gain an increased level of love for the world in which I live. But staying true to my original intent in answering this question, I have to admit that even strength has its weakness. I would never forfeit knowledge of self to save those who don’t want to save themselves. My weakness is the guilt I carry knowing that I CAN carry others, but sometimes I don’t want to.


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