Dreaming from Behind the Bars

My goal is to live free of external oppression, free of the mental prison created from internal doubts; culminating in the disease that is self-suppression. Breaking the wrists of those who want to hold me down, to live in a glass house so I can see the world for what it is. However, I will throw stones at the limited and transparent boundaries that are meant to keep me confined, ultimately walking out with scars as proof that the ideological abyss that has been in place for centuries has only hit my chin – I will forever continue to look up. To look on. You are not my keeper and to assume that you are makes you my captor. I am the mirror in which you hold up to your soul in order to feel better about yourself, but you cannot see your reflection, not because we aren’t the same, but because you have been sucking the life out of a place that is supposed to represent exceptionalism.

You are on notice.

Your selfish exceptionalism is making the freedoms you so fervently preach about the exception, because freedom isn’t free. You quote the Constitution but don’t have the constitution to acknowledge the alienated institutions your damning words have helped to take away rights that are supposed to be inalienable. You love a man who died for our sins but are not willing to do the same in order to uphold the righteous cause of believing that everyone is worth saving, regardless of differences in beliefs, because self-sacrifice is the point. You deny evolution, stating we are not animals thusly could not have come from them, but we act like them in believing that somehow survival of the fittest means only being able to run faster from the predatory beast of Capitalism. Look at nature folks, animals willingly leave their young behind in order to survive.

Entitlement. Psh! It should be broken down like the multitude of issues you are trying to ignore and angrily lash out against because you don’t know any better. It should read “In title, meant” because the only value you are currently offering can be found only in the titles and taglines you hash out, but what you meant was “we deserve better as long as we is only me.” We cannot whole heartedly wish for folks to succeed and achieve their dreams by systematically doing everything we can to stop that from occurring. It’s the same thing as putting someone in maximum security prison and telling them to break out, and that it’s possible because it has doors to the outside.  These institutions are designed for the purpose of keeping people confined and demoralized, reduced to whatever title you mean to use at the time. Just be honest, when you say that “I mean well”, clarify that what you’re actually saying is you wish to keep those who are not in your caste underground in the darkness of the well and the bucket of hope you offer will only come down when you need a splash of reality.


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