In White of Recent Events

No, not all cops are bad, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be skeptical of their mind state or intentions.

For far too long, many have resided above the realm of the every man, feeling euphoric floating over the common law most abide by because they believe they are above it. They feel so because they defend it, and there are far too many that feel that because they defend it, it gives them the RIGHT to achieve this defense by any means necessary. Then, they are defended by anecdotal evidence, and the continuation of this fallacy drives the oppression of those trying to do right, further into the ground. Unlike the Ostrich, we are not burying our heads in the ground because we can SEE what is happening but feel powerless to do anything about it.

We are not.

I believe this country was founded on skepticism, on the desire to feel protected and not prosecuted, not from each other, but from those that we have put into the false power we call the government. It should be kept in mind that although skepticism is a healthy mindset to have as we approach each evening of change, derision and hate often drips from the misinformed and ignorant, poisoning the well from which the building blocks of the Good Life are born. What is left in its wake is exactly the intent of adding the poisonous drops into the water supply. People drink it up, and are left with a blissful ignorance that what they have witnessed is the truth, the objective truth, as they walk away from the expansive world they now feel they are protected from. Privilege is sold by the bushel, fed with the murky waters that were tainted by a body that never had our interests at heart; mass produced and shelved with a price point each individual believes was meant for themselves and those they consider to be “on their level”.

It’s a lie.

For every struggle, those deemed in charge of the care of its people have used division via blind battle cries to conquer the mindset of its people. It’s the most effective way to prevent an uprising from those that recognize the power that these few hold is far beyond what is not only expected, but is necessary. Instead of trying to defend what is obviously wrong by pointing to a right, we all need to lift our fingers in the direction of where the shots came from, and do so together. The power of people only persists if we believe it should, if we don’t, we need to understand why. Knowing is not understanding, just like being angry is not proving a point. They are only pieces, but it’s up to us to decide if we want to be a pawn.

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