In the Darkness, Still.

I sometimes lose who I am because I am focusing too much on the person I want to be. Like the stock market, the valuation of myself fluctuates as a result of fear or greed, never holding a steady quantitative self-worth because circumstances and experiences change my perspective constantly. I am a part of a social market in which I have no stock, accepting what is given because what is deserved is not a reality; it is always forced down my throat, choking and recessing any progress that is made. I hardly identify with the person I’m supposed to be, the person I should be and the person I want to be, only seeing shadows on the wall as innocence is lost. As I struggle to hold onto the inner child that dreams farther than the eyes can ever see, conformity barrels in with no regard for peace as ignorance and misinformation poison the pure pursuit of knowledge. Wisdom is turning into some jerk with a knee reacting to a moment because they believe context is a book that lies, steals and cheats its way into the public consciousness. Objective is subjective and literally is figuratively our opinion that something is but shouldn’t be.

Yet, I still hope.

For better, for worse, in sickness and in health. Until the shades are lifted, the blind will lead the blind and we shall continue to cry out in the night that change, acceptance and love should escape the twilight of the few because better is just one voice away from repeating.


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