Breaking Fox News: Op-Ed Study

Why, hello there!

I have an open mind, and because I’m saying that I do, it must be true, right? In recent news, John Stewart of The Daily Show fame, has been talked about much more than usual. While most of the articles and segments talk about how much he changed the face of the news, there are many outlets, both liberal and conservative, that are saying good riddance.  They make claims that he was too soft of the current administration, proving his left leaning was less Tower of Pisa and more Weekend at Bernie’s, or that he took entirely too much of context by using sound bites and video clips that only support his views of what the news should be instead of what it is.

Now, I’ve got an open mind, so I’m able to see these errors or fallacies of pure and honest news casting. I’m so open minded, that my name should be Reuben and instead of hair, I’ve got sauerkraut on my head.  I do not suffer from the fault that many folks have, where if I hear something I don’t like, I immediately change the channel, close the tab or turn the page, and dismiss it all because it was all out of context. I’m open minded, so I know that comedy has no place in the news, sarcasm and satire discredits any argument because it makes light of a dark situation and finally, if I’m a target of said jokes, that it can’t be true because I’m open minded. I mean, I’m open minded.

Yes, he stated facts and then expressed his opinion that is supported by said facts, but that’s not the point of news. As an open minded individual, it’s my job to express my opinion as fact, then support it with something I heard by a person who may or may not be a specialist in whatever it is I think I’m talking about, but I’m not a professional whatever, I’m a journalist. Plus, I’m open minded, so I can’t be faulted for the narrow topics being discussed, one that I brought up and fervently argue; forgive me for wanting viewers but the truth must come out.

As a stand-up and forthright media source, and a part of Breaking Fox News, I feel that it is my duty to bring out the truth about my opinion. What some people forget is that because it’s my opinion, which I believe to be fact, that I cannot be wrong or misinformed, it’s just my opinion. An example of such is that I am of the opinion that Global Warming is not caused or accelerated by humans, it’s in fact caused by the sun. How do I know this? I’m glad you asked! It’s because think about, when it becomes night time, it’s not hot right? Science proved that Earth revolves around the sun in a squarish type of rotation, therefore all we need to do to fix it is get rid of the sun. We need the sun for food? Well, it’s just my opinion.


An Open-Minded Journalist


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