A Way to Say Good-bye

With peace, I grab the space of air you once occupied and I say good-bye. The infinite beyond my eyes and the past coursing through my veins, I close my eyes to see the void that was once filled with tears. Tears of joy. Tears of sorrow. Tears of the soul that would send chills of cold, encompassing time and space with a watery dispersion that cleanses the soul as the rain cleanses the earth we once walked. I burrowed deep, head in the ground, tried to forget but how could I? You were a large part of my existence and now…you’re gone. My home left behind so that I could march forward, vacated the heart that made it so, yet, I continue to go on. At some point it had to matter less what I left behind, to be stuck in time with my head in the ground, turning into combustible energy waiting to explode. To find my future hiding at the bottom of a pile and tucked away in the basement; put there to excuse me from chasing because picking up the pieces felt more important.  It was time for me to pick myself up, dust off my excellence and get to work on becoming who I always felt I should be.



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