Thought of the Day: Opponents

Opponents are not enemies, as opponents are attached at the hip on a common goal. They want to win the game, get the trophy, occupy a seat or blow the largest bubbles. Enemies are in it for their own desires, and seek the destruction of the other, whether literally or figuratively.

In terms of the current U.S. political environment, the idea that a common enemy is required to make a point is toxic and incredibly reckless. Heretic, Catholic, Muslim, Socialist, Communist and other groups of people are constantly made an enemy, wrongly accused of trying to undermine the very foundation this country is built on. Here’s the thing: separation of church and state would, as it was conceived, was meant to make the ideas and concepts you feel so threatened by moot. It was not meant to set aside politics so that you can voice your personal opinion about your particular faith, it was meant for you to do the opposite. To leave religion out of the politics so that you can focus on caring for the people you were elected to care for. I’ve got a set of questions I’d like to ask each nominee, and they are:

1) Do you believe a people should be oppressed and demonized because they do not believe what you do?

2) Is ensuring care for everyone an entitlement, or is the belief that others are undeserving because you’re doing your part the entitlement?

3) Does your faith ever conflict with your duty as a public servant? If so, does that prevent you from doing your job?

4) Why is it that America should be a leader, but not be a leader in all things such as the effort to increase the affordability alternative, and sustainable, energy sources?

5) What is your favorite part of the Constitution?

6) Why should I vote for you? To be clear, not what will you do for me, but why do you feel you’ve got what it takes to be President of the United States.

I’ve got more thoughts, but I kind of lost the mini-rage I was in by watching videos of dogs acting silly.


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