Soulful Drought

I cried today.
All that was lost and all that was gained
I did not shed a tear
But I cried today.

Wet face; not wiped away…
cleanse the soul
released the weight
But I cried today.

Long pauses with triple dots
Words found
words Lost
And still
I cried today.

Out loud
Screaming in pain
Laughing with joy

I cried today;
the drought may persist
What will be enough?
I tried today.

hands grasped with fingers clinched
a protest of happiness
a celebration of anguish
no camera
no action
only light

Time will tell the tale of how I remained dry as the rain fell down beside my cries to wash away from my face the nothing that was left in its place. Sweet peace of the silent symphony playing in this moment of mine, standing in the rain that was the disillusionment of time. Goodbye. Hello. What never was, what will not go. I cried today, but did not shed a tear, this should tell you something. The clouds have disappeared.


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