Marketed Links and Rising Tides

It said, “*Click this link to find Happiness!*”

I never would have thought that it was just that close, one click, one note, one prescription, six words and one exclamation point away.

I didn’t understand it, stuck on the one way road of the information super highway, signs and commercials filled with beautiful standards and ads electrifying abs because a six pack was all I needed when looking for a Bud.

A blue and pink pill to make me adequate because aging is flaccid, a withering reminder that the mourning after is Plan B, because I had no technical know how; the same way a degree rises from the ashes of flamed out dreams at Phoenix University.

Pay for advancement if you have interest in cash now, the future is now if your present at the counter with this coupon from Bachelors & Associates, except it expired during the nuclear winter; Wall Street; the true Ground Zero.

American lives gambled on, verifying value of human life as value as long as human lives continued to give credit to human and not life.

Invisible funds to pay for material fun, this pain offered no gains, just thirst in expanding slums.

Every institute is technical, run by people, or technically machines, on coke slangin’ the sweet life of that clown Mickey D.

Wall Marts and blinding lights on Target, Black Friday the joke because Black Tuesday is just too depressing as people crowd and fight over inflated goods sold and inflated marked down prices.

There are more than two parties, but we’re too green to think of democracy and decisions outside of two things, a dichotomy that exists separated by degrees of people caste away from the homes promised after degrees.

Easy to shackle myself to the pole because the opposites have frozen my assets, except my mind and willingness to stand up for myself and others stuck in the hooded people processors.

So I fight. So I learn. So I am because that is not the truth, only the construct of the pasty pleasures trying to stick me to the lower rings of a horizontal bar.

Here I stand in the place I’ve been assigned, except my position changes as does the power slides on the dunes of time. Quick sand; time flashes by, pay attention because your power now will be ours and drawin nigh.


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