Music of my Life

Sometimes when I fall into the deepest depths, the darkest shadows of myself, I recall your voice and I just know. Without a doubt. There is Hope. So beautiful and handsome, tight grip on my soul, lifting my spirit with a voice that permeates the recesses of Me, plucking every fiber of my being as the waves of sound vibrate and bounce like a ray of sunshine in a room of mirrors. Your words soothe me as I lay in bed, putting to rest the fears and anxiety I have from being awake. Your presence, and the knowledge that you’re always near, keeps me company even when you’re not. The wisdom you hold, the multitude of messages and eternal communication, whether through spoken words or not, is the soundtrack to my life.

You support me when I’m down by lifting my resting face, you join in the fun by making every party a party, you explain my core when I’m at a loss for words. You can do everything that I wish to do in silence, because even when I’m alone, you’re with me. Through the ups and down, your notes are letters scattered through space as message meant for me, but shared with everyone. If only I could tell you how much you mean to me, fading when I need it and changing when I want it. Beautiful and eternally temporary, living with me , even when I’m living without you. You are my love and proof that life is art.

Thank you.


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  1. Beautiful ❤️

    Sent from my FlyPhone 🐼


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