The Canter (or: Shifting Sediment)

The Canter (or: Shifting Sediment)

I came to this place to take off my eyes, bound to the light that blinds me so. Violence and rage gently sliding in from a place that rests in the refraction of a curve. My perspective is clear. Dewy mist, hello. Dewy mist, goodbye. In just a short moment, your existence took flight. Settle down dear calm, I know your ride is coming, that lunar lunatic that’s constantly growing into nothing.

As the waxy notions begin to dim, the starry flame that once burned my sight rises down. Warm the cool blue and freeze the emptiness once more, although the face looking out is not the one now staring at me, there is peace to be had in the vastness that is my own.

Rise my soul, set on my love. I embrace thee as you surround me with stone.


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