Wondering Still


From the moment I never saw, your presence moved me

My world shook and crumbled at my feet

asking me to rebuild what was temporary

for the permanent.


I saw it in your eyes, the fire that I had lost

a revolutionary soul that pushed my slow,

slow to evolve self.

Touching hands with averted eyes

this is the fight that I’ve been searching for

the one that sits inside as I contain this bloom

dreaming of a new;

reality blurring every time I see you;

I have no description: semi-colon

breath leaving: semi-colon

long pause, hearty laughter, long pause

period. period. period.

Hello, again. I accidently arrived at where you stand

to cross paths with what I cannot

to cross paths with what I have

in order to step out of the shadow

that what is present made me smile

gave me a smile

shared their fire

sent their uncertainty to tell me

Now, but not yet.

Yet, in memory forever.

long pause



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