Falling Up; or Feet in the Clouds

There are days when I sit and I listen to friends, acquaintances and strangers explore the depths of their love, but ultimately say “I guess I just fell out of love.” That has always vexed me. I think, or at least imagine, that what it’s really like is having your world turned upside down, except because they weren’t ready, they felt like they were drowning. Stuck in a horizontal world, linear time and cyclical feeling, I’m sure that it, in fact, does feel like they’ve fallen out of love. They admit that their world was turned upside down, but if that were actually the case, then given the notion that their heads were in the clouds when it turned upside down, and they ended up falling again, then they’d either crash back into the hard earth (which I surmise is what usually happens, because now their life has a hard ceiling/limit) or while their heads were in the upper echelons of the universe, they fell into the ocean.

One of the most fascinating things to know is that our eyes actually transmit the the image of the world upside down, that it’s actually our mind that orientates the world we see and experience. If our world has truly turned upside down, then it’s important to remember that while we were in love, our heads were in the clouds. In this state, our imaginations roam and feelings swirl like the Northern Lights. We are in the sublime. When that ends, and our world turns upside down, we fall up. The loving state, the swoon and rush of emotions becomes our ground. It is what orientates us, allows us to feel like we’re finally standing upright, and we’re able to stand in space-time.

Then…it stops. Our hopes and dreams, expectations and intricacies we’ve become accustomed to, they become the pavement of the industrial and drab world we surfaced from that time ago. It’s cold and suffocating — it became a place we didn’t remember being — as we fly face first into the skyscrapers of sorrow and despair meant to keep us trapped and in control. SLAM! A belly flop into the a place we couldn’t imagine because it was hidden behind the lifeless constructs we build to protect us from a place indifferent. Those clouds, that love, the melting feeling as each hug warmed the stiff existence slowly burning away.


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