Quotations slide forward

Maintaining the first three icons

As status takes precedence

Leading these solo symbols awry

Idolizing a fear unmet (to quell the soul)

Praising potential until agreeance deserts the mind

Desert. Desert. Desert.

Pale Dreams.


Cards on the table

Guns hanging beneath

Anger boils over

As trump cards pollute the river

The first has escaped the hearth

Angels cry (yet again)

“The world must burn!”


Sitting safe, or so it seems,

Between the grassy gates

Shoulder-to-shoulder; The Unlearn’d;

More awake despite orange consumption

We cry “RESIGN” and “DIVEST”

But we cannot.


Satellite abuse becomes the honey in your tea

But this treachery of a human condition

Is collapsing the colony

Hives failing to maintain the farm

That you wish had continued

Suffocating with your orange sprays;

Desire of free-speech (to hate me);


What is contentment

Without a bit of settling

Is what the blind ignores

Because the leech resides beneath the surface

Never living the wave of time

Grafting sucking tendencies

My land is your land

You’ll never settle me


Through-ways flooded in shadows


Resisting the claims of power


Turning tides of blindness


Swelling to erode the stones of time




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