I used to think to myself

What if I had met you earlier

Elevating my thoughts to a happy place

Because it’s how I feel


What if I had met you earlier

The joy that could be had

Laughing and joy; endless;

The path much different than now


That cloudy day; I was afraid

To say a word because…

Just because I just knew

What I find out every time we hug


Crazy antics and silly conversations

Trips to the beach; countless seconds

Of a silence of peace

Undisturbed in a celestial state


Holding hands and confessions

Snuggling until the sun comes up

Waking up with purpose

Because life was never about me


Oh the amazing times that would be had

Despite the churning fire inside

As this stone warms in the shade

What if I had met you earlier?


Then you wouldn’t be as happy as you are now

With a person that loves you so

And does more than I ever could

Because your happiness is their concern


Things could be worse; a tragedy coming;

Pushing the broom, sweeping problems

Under rugs because none can reconcile

The burning question: should I stay?


In the middle of arguments and tears

Slamming doors and screeching tires

Pain seeping through every “I love you”

Because I met you earlier


You are not an idea,

So I wonder about if I met you earlier

Because I love your presence,

Standing by my side

Loving you in the ways I can.



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