Next Time


I never know, I never knew, but I want to find out. The moment passed with a quick glance, a laugh and rejuvenated appreciation. It can happen, shouldn’t be, and somehow it made things better. To be misunderstood even though I hardly say a word, the barriers and guards seemed to be on vacation. Fault lines shook my world and perhaps it would be this way, a warm welcome and embracing of a part that I hide away. But I can’t with you. Sure, I’m silent and mask the sadness with jovial teasing, but for once it was amazing to be seen and not past as a flight of fancy. My apprehension was a direct result of an uncertainty even though I knew the answer, so I waited until the end when a swift exit could prevent my judgment from lapsing. What was gained reminded me of the loss and the woes that involve time, but know that if I could, I’d spend what remained falling into your eyes.


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