Dreams (~Perhaps~)

Perhaps I was wrong. I didn’t read it right. I saw what I wanted because even though I’ve done my best to avoid it, I knew deep down that it is where I’d be found.

Perhaps I was misguided. It was just a kind gesture and nothing more. Pushing a pebble but making it a boulder, Sisyphus laughing the entire time.

Perhaps I was blind and didn’t want to know the truth. That I saw it and my doubts were valid, that I was wrong and my confidence was false.

Perhaps, like most days, I am making something out of nothing. Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. Shouldn’t there be a sign? Something from the divine telling me, “Yes…”?

Like a poster on the wall, these concerns will hang reminding me of a better time.

Perhaps, but none of those things matter much because the enjoyment was never intended to be mine.

Perhaps I’ll happily sit here and perhaps…I’ll smile as I close my eyes.


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