Getting Center

It was just an innocent glance, then back to the business ahead. A sweeping feeling of things long forgot, a nod to the left and right. A thought that was loud and clear when offers were suddenly made, followed by internal tension to restrain reaching out because it shouldn’t be this easy…

-So stupid

How quickly the locks came off and transparent I began to feel, sitting on the edge of an ancient stone as my layers continued to peel. “Reel back!” my heart would cry, it shouldn’t be extending at all, this moment was meant to remain as so because soon you’ll be gone…

-I shouldn’t but I do

Every opportunity to leave was there, and I knew I was running late, it didn’t matter in that second as my fears began to dissipate. So random, so silly and dumb, I want to move a little closer to fully embrace this warmth. So many thoughts and feelings. but…

-I do, but I can’t

I’ve been so good at protecting myself: large walls, moats and guards. I’ve done so well to hide my true desires, the wants, regrets and scars. Tucked away in my damp, dark cave where nobody with sense would venture, and yet here they are standing firm…

-They may need protection

I suppose this fancy will fly like the rest and disappear into the clouds. I won’t have to think about it long, just stay silent and play it cool, but it was so nice to laugh. I lost my focus, but here it is, until next time…

-Quick, I’m late

I hope to see you again, until then, we’ve got New York.

-Please don’t wait


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