Fax Life

One of the most interesting aspects of life is that no matter what “stage” you’re currently in, you will constantly have to reassess priorities, wants and needs. We wish and desire to put it off, but as we get older, we realize how foolish that is for certain things and so we just sort of…do it without thinking too tough about it.

Subconsciously deciding on such things as (although we hardly ever realize this is what we’re asking): What kind of experience do I want to have? What don’t I want, but more importantly, would I still be okay if it happened? Why and why not? Am I sacrificing or compromising? When we’re young, they get oversimplified to, “What do I want,” but miss the moon behind the pointing finger.

As we venture into the next place, it’s important to ask these things in order to confront the everlasting concern that begins with the questions above. To dive into the depths of what we’re really trying to find out. The existential investigation of “Who am I?”


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