Loving the Finger and the Moon

Before I left for Basic Training for the Air Force I was offered a piece of advice on how to approach, experience and appreciate the people that would yell and scream at me. They told me, “Don’t look at them…look through them.”


While this was the first time I’d heard someone say that, or at least phrase it in that way, it wasn’t a new approach. In fact, I can think of more than a handful of instances during my childhood that I used this tactic. It has come in handy, and for the most part, is actually incredibly wise if you pair it with listening. Listen to what they say while not getting lost in the flamboyant physicality and empty emotional threats.


This, however, leads me to one of the most difficult things to do in our life: look through yourself. In the realm of mental health, I constantly hear myself screaming out. It can become incredibly overwhelming at times as I existentially oscillate between my Self (the individual Me) and the projection (the world Me). As the problem of identity, which has plagued me from an early age, circles and swirls inside, I struggle to look through Me. To see that I am no more an individual in a whole than a whole individual, resulting in the incarceration of soulful potentiality simply because I am giving up Me for Them because I see Them in Me.


What it means to look through ones Self is to not only acknowledge and validate your existence (or at the least your consciousness), but to concurrently do so for the endlessness of the external as well. To quell the screams of the unspoken voice hiding in your thoughts by holding onto the oneness of Life. The abstract does not end, only the self-destructive belief in limitations.


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