Blurry star all full of warmth
rolling around the edges
fluttering through weightlessness
eroding with every bump
these lines swirl and mix;
blue and yellow.
Red with love I listen
one word at a time,
I hang
dripping with what I wish to say
but sweating all the same.
The distance, that distance,
I feel you near.
the closeness, that close,
you are my dream.
“Take the leap!” I would hear all around but could never see the edge. Just a single door, brass knob, and key around my neck; ready to open to the next because chance is opportunity not found. Whispering through the night until the thoughts clasp the moon, I send my love because it forces me to keep looking up.
I look back to record
putting the needle to the groove
as life sways like the trees
hugs for before
reflections for now
I was found
Here I grow
once again
I’m found.

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