To exist in a space of aborted beginnings is not a sign of never beginning
it is also the continuation of excellence moving silently past a place that never was
Finding ones Self, Me of You and most importantly We at the end of a tunnel
lacking gravity as dreams propel vertical wishes by linear means
So I go on;
so I close my eyes;
So I wish for no more;
so i lose myself in love;
pausing while moving;
a semi-colon thought that produces;
eras and not periods
grant me peace under the sparkling blackness that continues on while folks focus on X               ex-lovers ex-friends ex-peering fenced in by the drilling of ex-pecktations at the would barking up the tree of life.
as binary souls explode in the spectrum of their radiation in dimensions not yet explored
signs do not tell us where we are but recreate a place we only imagine exists beyond the now.
stand strong oh head beneath the waves
wake from the place of negative propensity
and find your
mistakesarenot;blank space;iwillnotbemyillusion(unendingSELF)

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