A cold and lonely existence, this planet sits in the frozen vacuum of space-time. Molten, fiery, unstable and constantly shifting internal masks create this behemoth of the microscopic universe. Blues and greens visible but not the immense life that swirls, creaks, howls and speaks, this lonely planet wobbles around in a forward movement that never rests on the exact same path. Always changing, this heated mass rests in a space that is neither it, nor what it wishes to be, heading towards a place because of momentum (not unlike a river running to the sea). Look beneath and find a passionate glow inside, full of rage and fire that intermittently breaches the surface, hidden at a distance by the blue calm. A rock circling a star that circles another as galaxies crash in each other creating larger celestial bodies. I know nothing of this space but I imagine it with a little observation and an endless supply of pictures and renderings.

I look through space-time to find my soul.

Here I begin.


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