Blakk Starie Knight

There the volcano blows, rupturing at the fissures as the question blows

bellows below the balancing acts of sequence, showing light as night envelopes the sky

dirt, dust and debris float along like a parade of sadness

creating life of light as the suffocating place of happiness swirls inside

look at Jupiter, look at mars, look at astronomical bodies

because you can’t look at your own

trajectories mapped as tears weep out of orifices yet discovered like the caverns of time

period space and whatever the fuck is next.

Pride gone and given up as sacrifice to the sky

burning star and blazing future I’ve got no clue to where you are

or where you’re going


and yet…here you lie.

Here you are.

Hello           Where did you go        Oh happiness of mine

I cry             no tears                the end is nigh

holding tight and holding firm

I raise my fist to the sky.


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