Rambler 76′

Isolation forms both sides as the granite walls come crashing down in a three dimensional vacuum that has no oxygen. Hoover be damned as I walk the coal path of burning desires in search of the one thing that I’ve been looking for.

I have no idea nor do I have as to what has possessed me to move forward in a tangential way to explain a regressive emotional state. The power of an atom has crushed uranium to create a mushroom cloud of things to come.

Burn and blaze oh soul of mine,  burn and take stock in the repetitiveness of the clock that refuses to fall. Quantum questions to arbitrary rules, perhaps I found my Self in the five fingers of yours. Sway and wave like lunar exhibitions, the rock has fallen without peaceful resistance.

Chained bright and perhaps we’ll never mind the fate that was left on the table that dreadful night. I was not the right vessel and that’s why we sunk. On the bottom of the coral filled life, a death of a suffocating efficiency that maybe…just perhaps.

Oh darkness how you fight back to teach me lessons of what I will never conceive. A child of thought I am not. A child of anything by my own shackles, I have found tonight. On vacation lying under the stars with the celestial lamps blocking my sight, I have found my own.

Where is the world when you’re not looking for it?


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