Greased Bearing 

Perhaps it was never about the time or location

You know what I mean

A place that grabs the soul and

Drags it through the mud

Then asks you to remain that way

I’ve never felt this before; at

Least in the way I identify now; before

;still I can find the words as this

Tear builds up without falling

Because not enough energy was given to it

So that it could be more with the moment in

Which I know it is

At last, at last, at last I can know that what freed me

Was my willingness to be so.

Lying under the clouds sowing seeds of hope

No ray of sunshine in sight

With the rain pattering

Against the shields of my eyes

Crashing and blurring

The life I once knew.

Holding onto the dream



The thought of you

I leave my heart and love

Like the imprint in the sand

Found by time and location

But only mine this memory is

Which shall be shared inconceivably

As that’s what you always were to me.



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