I Saw a Leaf Fall

One time ago I saw a refrigerator tree standing in a park surrounded by blankets and fleshy vessels

they stood around with bassy tones dripping of the the days dealings

Laughter raining down from the clouds of Happiness; filling the spaces of solitude with

noisemakers. The silent breeze had lost its voice and the rustling of bushes at first bloom.

So I thought, at least, about the contrast of a deeply warm sun and sheet of cold that slid in

from the ocean. The protective barrier of this unusual tree, common to the bay but

this leaf had no spice or common use, just fluttered down like the disturbance of speakers.

Perhaps there was an investigation of space mixed the desire of isolation

But the meaning of a solitary leaf drifting away from the trunk did not escape me

as it had fled the tyranny of a bark that lacked bite.

It took a moment of looking up to see that it was coming down

yet as it trickled away from its origin

The blankets almost served as a landing signal that it rushed from with intensity unknown to green

that populated its ultimate resting place.

I knew not the destination, if it was chosen or voluntold; whether it was forced to go or if

it could not longer stand to hang around a place no longer offering sustenance

I suspect, for reasons unknown, that it just did not want to hold on anymore

and knowing that a fall was a slow process; one that would resist the action that drew it away

a picture of simplicity averted through the fateful determination

that it was tired of watching from the anchored position of a cold home

Or maybe not when I saw a leaf fall.



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