Passing Gas Giants (Jupiter)

I never wanted to leave, you or the place that we stood

Sun shining down apart from the stars and shores we loved

I could have walked away but instead I stood to watch you

Pacing backwards with your front to me, smiling and laughing

About a past moment or two

Three smiles and peace of piece falling through my fingers like sand

Time has passed and the apparitions of a life I never truly knew

Because I kept stumbling into a new me that never intertwined with

A new you.

Permanently bouncing then folding the ether of a love that lacked the words

This is my pain whenever I live in this present absent of truth

A new-found silence crashes against the stone minds of

An immovable hope that some day, one day, the unexplainable that found

A home laced with the fingers of ghost that haunts me as it did in the past

To keep alive the love that burns bright.

My waiting room with track marks

As a circle the coffee table topped with old magazines

Found objects already circled

Crossed words already filled in and figured out

My waiting room with track marks

One way in to the outside of a place with no walls

A glass ceiling and pebbles cobbled together to represent stones

I never wanted to depart from the nine clouds that formed elephants and future dreams

But now I see the reflection I saw in you, I saw in me

And that’s what made this love not love

Just life.

Just me.


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