Nap Time Blues

One day a friend called me and told me they had something to say

Hold on a minute, actually, let me call you back

My life is in ruins and I have something to take care of

They said, “Alright…”

Later that night I received a message and they asked me what was wrong

That I seemed bothered and wanted to see what’s up.

I didn’t respond, at least not immediately, because I see them every day

In class, around town and even at work,

So I closed the message so that I could respond later

I got a text later and there they were again

Asking me if I was alright, that if my life was in ruins, they would listen

And so I responded back to give me a few minutes and I’ll tell them everything

A couple hours later I texted back and gave them the skinny

I was tired of fighting, tired of school and a few people offended me

They asked me of what, why and what they said

To which I replied, “everything, it never ends and just their presence…”

They said, “you’re one of a few friends, so you’re never fighting alone

And school, like most things, is a phase that you’ll get through, so

Lastly if there was offense, merely their presence, or even something greater

Sometimes hurtful words can be a shining star.”

They didn’t understand, but I did appreciate being called a friend

So I said, “Possibly but I don’t think you get it. You have everything and it all

Seems to come so easy. Someone got upset with me when they should

Be minding their own business.”

They responded, “That’s tough, I’m glad you’re alright and thank you for responding.

Your life isn’t in ruins, it’s just getting started, but what do I know?”

“It’s cool, you don’t understand but I wouldn’t want you to wear my shoes, thanks anyways.”

We hung up the phone just shortly after a moment and I posted

A scathing message on a social network, because I wanted

The world to feel my pain so that it would get better.

The next day I received a message, or notification that I’d been messaged

It read something very short, I won’t forget, it said:

“I do. I’m going to nap.”

I assumed incorrectly.



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