Casting Meer

by Julia Sagaser, Waterville Senior High School, Grade 11

As I fold into myself I think of the rains of summers passed

The sunlight of winter has come, a solstice of soldiering on

As fear envelops a future that has yet to emerge

Convincing the conditions are set for a battleground

Standing at the edge of twilight, casting shades of anger felt

I promised to love that which is forsaken

Because what was spoke has fallen on deaf ears

Blinded by the glimmer of dry wells, I doubt this

Drought will lift; the sands of time swirl and convulse lies

That mask themselves as dribbling tears

Withstanding the torrent. Arms crossed and on bended knee.

Windmills lining creeks made from mouths

Acting like these gusts are sourced from thirst

Only to find a tree alone in a field;

Clouds approaching mired in grey and white

Sight lost behind these terrestrial woes

I cast my love as I cast my fear.

Away, away, the vultures shall not win.


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