A Musing, Thoughts by: Skip Eng Kahmas

  1. Slamming ones face on piano keys will painfully remind a person that facing the music will often be out of tune.
  2. Rapid, fire, pauses with: no break, but eggs so shells can be avoided, if for no other reason than: discomfort with yoke to keep up, the fashion, cart pulling, instructions ignoring beast and just for identifying.
  3. Coffee beans, for kick they say, but I doubt it for no other reason than because I see the writing on the tea leaves. They say, “sleep”.
  4. There’s a light outside my window, it doesn’t light up the street, instead it lights up my ceiling as I try to sleep. “Wake up!” it cries, coming from over the horizon, so I look at the clock and realize, it’s still three a.m. and I, non-dream err…not fully awake like a purring cat waiting on its prey, or God waiting on their pray.
  5. If water were alive, would it drown?
  6. I had a bottle of water, now it’s gone. It was on the windowsill, which now the window is down. Stay up and breezy, the sun, my love, is rising.
  7. Did we follow instructions?
  8. ,
  9. It’s funny how something meant to cause a momentary, split-second, pause usually doesn’t. It didn’t fail at the job because we, of utopian ideals, didn’t acknowledge it. We, of believing the worst, invalidated it by gaslighting its function, it’s existence – existing.



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