When I began writing these blurbs, the original intent was so that I had a point of reference for any future circumstances that may cross my path. A form of relief, these writings were my way of venting the often confusing and troubling thoughts that clouded my daily life that threw me into an emotional hurricane. Slowly over time, through patience and understanding, I came to realize that the writings that I created weren’t just an outlet for my own self, but for friends and strangers alike. These are my memoirs framed in short thoughts, a true reflection of how my thought process works and how even in the storm of life there are always things that create the bigger picture.

Through my life I’ve slowly began to realize that people are always searching for help, regardless if they ask for it or not. Buying self help books, reading poetry, talking to friends and family or simply gazing into the sunset, the desire to understand something beyond ourselves is what we all wish to achieve at some point or another. The intent of my writings is to allow you to think outside the box, something generally only possible with an outside perspective, without leaving the comfort of yourself. What I’ve written is not advice, but simply my opinion and how I view the feeling of a situation, not the situation itself. It is meant to make you ask questions, think deeper, and review a situation with humility and patience. It is the blue skies after the storm that makes the damage more bearable.

The message, if I were to assign one to my writings, is the beauty of our undiscovered inner strength. It is my belief that we are all stronger than we are lead to believe and that it will be this discovery that will strengthen the muscle that guides us through our lives, our heart. Whether we realize it or not, our heart is one of the biggest factors to every decision we choose, it isn’t until we think about those decisions that it becomes a problem. We must use the untapped strength we have inside ourselves to find that every situation has a positive regardless of how grim it appears. That there are no missed opportunities, only opportunities meant for someone else.

As I began to read through the writings I started to realize that they were not meant to be read as if it were a novel, explaining why the book is in a poetry style format. With this in mind, I offer a suggestion of how to read this book. When you read each entry, read one and set the book down. These writings are meant to age like wine, to rest within your thoughts until just the right time. To be read again at a later time only to have a new discovery within the words written. Each story, although short, is meant to be used as a prism, depending on the angle a different color will be shown. I hope that it helps you as it has helped me.


One thought on “Introduction

  1. I like it so far. I think the whole prism-effect is a great idea for a book, so you should definitely keep it up.

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