The Silence of Myself

On this pedestal an image stands, rising far above the sky, a message silently sent to the world, telling everyone: be yourself. Crashing waves and oxidized skin, worn from elements, constantly telling, telling, telling; The world is not as it seems, not unlike the water below, harboring conventional thoughts that must be screamed, my lips … Continue reading The Silence of Myself



The bite of the winter has subsided, oh how I miss the cold. The chilling truth that underneath it all, the fragility of wisdom would keep us together for just one more night. When. Perhaps it was then. As the flowers bloomed between the drops of rain thrashing the powdered mountains of existence. To cry. … Continue reading Layers

My Tryst with Social Media

By all accounts, I have generally felt that social media platforms serve a net least on paper. We get the opportunity to stay connected with folks from all over the world with the mere clack of a keyboard and click of a mouse, yet most times I find the potential wasted. I can file … Continue reading My Tryst with Social Media

Graduate School and Alzheimer’s

Today was a rough day from the start. My grandmother is in the grasp of dementia and while there are definitely good days, when the stories aren't nearly as painful, today was not one of those days. I've never been particularly great at compartmentalizing, so while I will attempt to do so here with the … Continue reading Graduate School and Alzheimer’s

That Time/The Dandelion

You remember that time when I thought I was a dandelion? When I closed my eyes, raised my arms and wished Like a tree branch struggling to grasp the sun just out of its reach Hoping to ride the breeze out into free skies, limbs out infinitely, untouchable while searching for a place to settle … Continue reading That Time/The Dandelion

Blood Lines

  We groom for succession Of ideas Of people Of ourselves To live a history Alternate to reality   We condition for succession By tales By story By myth To exercise a freedom From the immediate now   We talk about succession Specifically Abstractly Generally While screaming about Tearing it down.   All while we … Continue reading Blood Lines